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Felicity Turner is a 21-year-old singer  From  Lincolnshire, UK, with a resounding passion for music. Felicity is also a dedicated and accomplished musician with a strong foundation in classical singing, music theory, Piano, and Guitar, holding Grades 1-8 from ABRSM in Singing. Her journey as a singer is paved with dedication, education, and a heart committed to making a difference.

Felicity recently earned a First Class BA Degree with honors in Music from the University of Hull. During her time there, she not only honed her skills in performance but also specialized in the intricate fields of Music Psychology and Child Development. Within the music society at the University of Hull, Felicity also donned various leadership roles, revealing her versatility as a performer, leader, and advocate for music.

Beyond the notes on the page, her musical endeavors extend to teaching, working as a singing and Guitar teacher in primary school for Front Row Music and Juinor Jam.  Felicity has discovered great Joy in performing in care homes, using her voice to bring smiles and moments of joy to residents.  She has also engaged with youth organizations and actively participated in music-related activities has further fueled her passion for using music to create meaningful connections.

In September, Felicity will embark on a new chapter, pursuing a Music Therapy Masters at the University of Derby. Her goal is to become a registered music therapist, further expanding her ability to harness the healing power of music and create transformative experiences.


Spanning from 2012 to the present day. Over the years, Felicity had the incredible privilege of sharing her passion for music with diverse audiences across a wide range of events and venues. 

Here's a glimpse into some recent performances:

Last Night of the Proms – Humberston, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023  - Performing with The Lincolnshire Hospital's Band. 

Woodhall Spa 1940'S Weekend 2023. 

Alford 1940'S Weekend 2022, 2023. 

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