The Meaning Behind The Album – ‘New Dimensions’


I decided on this title because the album shows a new side of my music. Now I have a range of styles so there is something for everyone. I have pushed the boundaries and experimented and created something I’m very proud of hope and you enjoy!


The Devil In His Eye - This song is about a girl that falls in love with someone that she knows is bad for her but the thrill of it all is too exiting for her to leave.


Back To The Stars - This song was written around abusive relationships and somebody leaving before it hurts them too much. I wrote this for my Music GCSE.


Crazy – This was a message to myself when I realised that its okay to be a little bit crazy and its not my problem when someone doesn’t like it. The song also has a blues feel.


One Way Ticket - This song was an experiment for me and very different. You will be able to hear fireworks mid way through the track as I thought it would be a nice touch when releasing it bonfire night.


Flashing lights – This is one of my favourites on the album. Its about my parents and how even when I move away from them I will always have them and my family in my heart.


Head Up – Relates to being in a relationship and just going through the motions and wondering if you still really need each other for happiness.


Down For Air – This is about being with someone that makes you forget all your problems but still having to go back to the problems afterwards.


My Turn – The last song on the album is about getting stuck in the friend-zone but knowing that the other person has feelings for you but will never admit it.

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